Genre Detail

    Pagode originated in Rio de Janeiro, is a Brazilian style of music that is a sub-genre of Samba . It was initially played during Brazilian parties, events, and celebrations. Since the 1970s, a relatively newer term has taken roots under this banner. This subgenre has been lauded as the most important musical phenomenon of the 1980s in Brazil by popular composer and scholar Nei Lopez.

    What Instruments Are Used To Compose Pagode Music

    Since it is a sub-genre of Samba , it incorporates three additional instruments to the ones that are used in Samba music. The instruments are:

    • Tan-tan.
    • Banjo.
    • Repique de Mão.

    The banjo is an instrument that is relatively bigger in size as compared to the cavaquinho, allowing more compatibility and buzz to the music. The tan-tan, on the other hand, is a drum-like instrument, but small in size. Lastly, Repique de Mão is another percussion instrument that emulates the sound of drums. 

    The Difference in Lyrics

    Lyrics-wise, Pagode is a lot different than other sub-genres of Samba . In Pagode, singers use a lot of slang, which reflects how people talk on a day-to-day basis. In comparison, one can always assert Samba is the sister genre of Pagode along with Bossa Nova, Música Popular Brasileira, Choro, and Frevo, because all of this music has been generated from Brazil.

    As mentioned above, there is no genre or sub-genre in the Brazilian music category that is not related to Samba . Hence, Pagode is a sub-genre that preserves ingredients of the Samba music and fulfills its mission statement of delivering top-tier music. 

    Pagode started to grow with the introduction of the band called Fundo de Quintal. The differences and alterations of Pagode from Samba , other than the slang, include ironic lyrics, and the expansion of cliché music, due to which it led to the development and upbringing of this sub-genre. Pagode will always remain one of the top genres in Brazil, as it has a lot of history attached to it.

    Some of the notable artists of Pagode include Jorge Aragão, Clara Nunes, Mauro Diniz, Zeca Pagodinho, and Beth Carvalho. Tune into RadioFM app and our station and enjoy the finest Pagode radios from around the world and get in the rhythm.