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NRJ Maroc

163 k
3 k
Genres Rap,Pop,House,RnB,Electro
Language French
Location Casablanca, Grand Casablanca, Morocco
Website http://www.nrjmaroc.com/
Short URL of Page http://rdo.fm/r/rrft6
Type Internet,FM
Nouvelle Radio Jeune
NRJ (Nouvelle Radio Jeune) is a French private radio of category C and D.It is the founding station of NRJ Group and NRJ International.In 2015, it presents itself as a broadcasting network made up of the national radio station and 50 local branches, which control their program during stalls.It now has more than 150 Internet radio available on smartphone on iOS and Android.On April 22, 2016, she was voted France's first radio by a Médiametrie1 poll.