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NammRadio - India

1,090 k
33 k
Genres Indian
Language Kannada
Location 560043, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Website http://www.nammradio.com/
Short URL of Page http://rdo.fm/r/u5exn
Type Internet
Kannada's first online radio
Nammradio a Kananda radio is produced by pastime productions private limited which has a vision of development of kannada in online radio platform and to enrich the kannada language and to take kannada radio to next level in south Indian radio world.Nammradio app is available for free in mobile platforms.Like other south indian language radios like Telugu radio, Tamil radio, Malayalam radio, In kannada we have produced this Kananda radio channel which gives music of kannada films and non films.Nammradio a Kannada online radio is available across globe and it gives the same quality of audio like kannada fm radio. Thus NammRadio is Global Radio. And we are trying to reach kannadigas who stay abroad. Especially American Kannadigas, European Kannadigas, Middle East Kannadigas etc.One can listen to the programs just like how they listen on kannada fm radio’s locally.One can savour the Kannada languge and heritage of Karnataka while listening to nammradio’s kannada music an