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Prog Palace Radio

6 k
Genres Power Metal,Progressive Metal,Progressive Rock
Language English
Location Olney, Maryland (MD), USA
Website http://www.progpalaceradio.com/
Short URL of Page http://rdo.fm/r/git5h
Type Internet
Your Progressive and Power Metal Station on the Net
We are a progressive and power metal station with weekly shows on Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Sunday mornings 9AM-Noon ET- The Prog Chronicles playing the best in progressive rock Wednesdays 7-10PM ET- The Slacker Initiative playing the best in prog, metal, and some insanely crazy music. Thursdays 9-10PM ET- The Progressive Disorder playing the best in progressive and power metal music with a slight twist. Saturdays 7-11PM ET- The longest running show on the station playing the best in new releases in progressive and power metal, some comedy, and more.