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RNB and Hip Hop Radio

13 k
Genres Hip Hop,R&b,Classic Hip Hop
Language English
Location USA, USA, USA
Website www.RNBandHipHopRadio.com
Short URL of Page http://rdo.fm/r/buarv
Type Internet,FM
Your #1 Station for Today's RNB, Hip Hop, and Throwbacks
We are a digital radio station who targets the 25-54 demo. Playing Today’s RNB, Hip Hop, and Throwbacks. Are personalities are national brands such as Sherry Underwood, J. Anthony Brown, Cayman Kelly of Sirius XM, Lorenzo Ice-Tea Thomas, Corey Condrey the Coco Brother, and many more!RNB and Hip Hop RadioYour station for Today's R&B Hip Hop, and Throwbacks