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Genres Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock
Language English
Location Norwalk, Ohio (OH), USA
Website http://wlkr.northcoastnow.com/
Short URL of Page http://rdo.fm/r/8wiep
CallSign WLKR-FM
Frequency 95.3
Type FM
It's About The Music
The station’s “It’s About the Music” positioning means audiences are getting one of the widest ranges of musical selections offered in the State of Ohio. It’s probably the largest playlist of any commercial radio station in the area. The Adult Contemporary station carefully balances classic rock artists (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin) with ’80s rockers (U2 and The Police), ’90s favorites (Green Day, The Bare Naked Ladies, Dave Matthews Band and Pearl Jam) and new millennium acts (Norah Jones, John Mayer, Coldplay and K.T. Tunstall). We’re an adult station appealing to those with a discerning taste in music.