How can I promote my station through Radio FM?

 Promote your radio station with the Radio FM platform and move your station on the top of the lists to get better visibility and hence more plays.
You get an option to Promote your station in any of these lists: Country List, State List, Language List, Genre List.
You can list your station in any of the Top 5 positions based on the split availability.
The pack charges depend on the  Position and Duration of Promotion.

For the broadcasters promoting their station for the first time, you get a Trial Pack of 7 days where you can list your station on positions between 6 - 10 in the country list.

Follow the steps below to buy a promotion pack:

  1. Login to your broadcasters account
  2. Under the Dashboard section on the left click on Move my station in Top5.
  3. If you have more than one station listed, select the station from the drop down to promote.
  4. Select the screen, i.e Country, State, Language, Genre. 
  5. Then Select the Position between 1 - 5 for paid promotion and between 6 - 10 for Trial Pack.
  6. Choose the Promotion Start date (as per your choice and availability)
  7. Check the “I agree to Radio Broadcaster Indexing Agreement” box.
  8. Then click Submit.