Radio FM provides the pleasure of listening to online radio stations all over the world. Our mission is to empower radio listeners to hear and discover uninterrupted radio stations anytime and anywhere. Radio FM currently brings together more than 45 thousand radio stations for over 50 Million active geographically distributed customers. The persistence of our efforts has helped us to win the trust of over 30 thousand broadcasters that are currently available on our platform to grow exponentially with us.

We understand that Radio listening is more fun when you are able to see what is being listened to by the like-minded community and also if you are able to share your thoughts with like-minded listeners. We considered all these minute details into perspective while developing our platform, to enhance radio listening experience for our customers.

To encapsulate, we have been successful in becoming a lifelong radio buddy for our customers since our launch in the year 2014. We believe customer satisfaction is of paramount importance while delivering services for any product. Moreover, successful implementation of our approach is explicitly depicted from the overwhelming response that we are receiving in the form of positive (Five Star) reviews from end customers on a consistent basis.