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All things Christmas - Guide to Christmas Tunes

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It is almost that time of the year. It is almost Christmas. The white, snow, green, red, Santa Claus, and mistletoe season. Every year, all around the world, billions of people celebrate Christmas, a national holiday that marks Jesus Christ's birth. Some individuals mark this celebration based on their religious beliefs, while others don't. Whichever reason it is you celebrate this season, Christmas is a time of love, gifts, celebration, and laughter.

As we move towards this period, you might want to learn the meaning, history, and events behind the Christmas celebration. In this article, you'd find exciting information and the best radio stations you can tune in to enjoy this season. Read on!

Brief History of the Origin of Christmas
The term Christmas was derived from the phrase "mass on Christ's day. Christians celebrate this holiday all over the world based on the belief that Christ was born on this day. The date for Christmas wasn't always the 25th of December; this date was made possible around the 3rd century AD by a man named Sextus Julius Africanus, a Christian historian.

Before now, Christmas was believed to be a pagan festival in Europe, and it was called the midwinter solstice. It wasn't celebrated as a single day but days from the 21st of December until the 5th of January. During this time, people gathered in large numbers to feast, drink, and offer sacrifices.

But between the 3rd and 4th centuries, there was a shift, and Christmas was celebrated in commemoration of Christ's birth. Fast forward to the 20th century, Christmas is now a holiday observed by Christians and non-Christians alike. Now, it is not only for those who believe in Jesus Christ, but all and sundry. You find family gatherings, social gatherings, and parties all in the spirit of Christmas.

During this period, you find Christmas trees, socks, Santa Claus, and of course, exciting songs and carols to scintillate your senses. No matter where you are in the world, there is always an opportunity for you to get in the season and have fun with family or friends and even alone. If you are a lover of this season and music, there are radio stations for you to tune in to listen to jolly Christmas tunes.

10 Best Internet Radio Stations You Can Tune in to Enjoy Some Spirit Lifting Christmas Songs and Carols

  1. Christmas carols: this free internet radio has a robust playlist of traditional Christmas carols sung by choirs and vocalists. You can also listen to thoughts on the nativity.

  2. Absolute Christmas: this internet radio station has your favorite Christmas songs and is waiting for you to tune in.

  3. The Christmas Station: this station was created in 2012 and offers a variety of romantic Christmas music. There are enough festive tunes here to get you in the mood.

  4. Christmas Melody: looking for a radio station where you can get satisfying Christmas songs? Then this is your stop. You can live stream Christmas songs here, any time, any day.

  5. Christmas Radio Live: this Christmas music radio station is based in Ireland, and they offer you a rich mixture of classic Christmas songs. You will also find jazz, rock, and pop Christmas songs.

  6. Happy Christmas Radio: this is the biggest Christmas-themed online radio. Here, you'll find Christmas songs playing at all times of the year. This station gets you into the Christmas feeling by giving you special songs.

  7. Always Christmas Channel: You will find your favorite Christmas tunes here all year round. Whether it is traditional, rock, pop, or country, you will get it here.

  8. The Mix Radio Christmas: this station streams from the UK, and you can trust them to give you the Christmas jolly spirit with their well-selected playlist.

  9. Radio Santa Claus: This is an online radio station streaming live from Finland. Here you will get traditional Christmas songs 24 hours a day. This station has been around since 2010.

  10. Merry Christmas Radio: this internet radio station from Alaska, United States, has great soul music, hip-hop, and Christmas songs available 24/7 all year round.

As we move towards the end of the year, it is common to be caught in the furry of movement, celebration, and festivity. In different countries all around the world, Christmas is marked based on different rituals. Many regions do not observe this season as a form of religious remembrance. In Japan, for example, where the predominant religions are Buddha and Shinto, the period is still marked with the customary Christmas trees, songs, and decorations.

This holiday is regarded as a Christian season in India, so it is not widely accepted. In Mexico, you will find several enactments of the nativity. This period is characterized by festivals, picnics, and fireworks in Brazil. Wherever you are in the world, whoever you are, you can get your Christmas spirit going. This is the season of love; you can reach out to family members and friends to share this season with them.