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From Social Reels to Real: Close Conversations with Celebrities on Our Radio FM App

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You must have heard that never judge a book by its cover, and the same wisdom holds true for celebrities. There are many genuine and unscripted stories aside from polished images, filtered and curated scripts, or content often presented on social media. In this blog “From Social Reels to Real: Close Conversations with Celebrities”, App Radio FM shares a list of Podcasts that go beyond the carefully curated social media reels to discover authentic narratives and real moments of the brightest celebrities. 

In contrast to the old-fashioned radio FM, the advent of digital radio FM (internet radio) has led to a new era characterized by enhanced capabilities, and a handy and engaging user experience. What sets this digital counterpart (podcast) of old-fashioned radio FM apart, is that it’s not limited to a few giant media houses. Now, individual podcasters are also creating content that is loved by audiences as its more resonating with them. 

Remarkably, the podcasts featured in our curated list defy the notion that only major media entities can thrive in the competitive realm of broadcasting. Each podcaster in our lineup, with his unique style, tone, and interaction with those celebs grabs the audience’s attention and love. 

Exploring podcasts pre-production process: -

Unscripted interviews or conversations with celebrities do not mean going without a pre-production process. Like any famous media production that you love to listen to or watch again and again, these podcasts also go through a process of brainstorming ideas and refining the concept to create content worth publishing. It involves the selection and identification of themes, choosing a note, and creating a unique angle that sets the podcasts apart from the rest. 

Before the recording begins, these podcast producers brainstorm and redefine the concept and go through the following stages.

1. Identifying Themes.

Their journey starts with the identification of compelling themes that resonate with the target audience. Whether it's digging personal stories, exploring niche interests, or opposing societal trends, the chosen theme serves as the compass guiding these podcasters.

2. Choosing a Tone.

In a celebrity interview, the importance of establishing a distinctive tone cannot be ignored. Every podcast in our list carries a distinct tone. it serves as the background that shapes the listener's experience. This step involves deliberate decisions on whether the podcast will be informative, humorous, introspective, or a unique blend of emotions. The chosen tone becomes the foundation for how the content and the celebrity are perceived.

3. Crafting a Unique Angle.

In a sea of podcasts, standing out requires a unique perspective. This might involve incorporating unique storytelling methods, inviting diverse voices, or tackling familiar subjects in a way that feels entirely new.

The list of celebrity interview podcasts featured in our blog stands out precisely. Each podcast in the lineup brings its unique angle to the celebrity conversations. These podcasts carve a niche by offering distinctive perspectives and approaches.

Apart from these basic elements, understanding the needs, interests, and aspirations of the audience is also important and one of the cornerstones for any podcast’s success.

List of the 05 Best Celebrity Interview Podcasts.

Here are 5 Best Celebrity Interview Podcasts worth listening to in 2023.

  1. Chicks in the Office

  2. The God Pod

  3. Minutia Men Celebrity Interview on Radio Misfits

  4. Celebrity Catch Up | Life After That Thing I Did

  5. How I Got Through It.

      1. Chicks in the Office:

Join Ria and Fran as they bring their infectious energy and humor to celebrity interviews. With a fresh and candid approach, "Chicks in the Office" delivers insightful conversations that feel like catching up with friends.

      2. The God Pod:

Get into the thought-provoking discussions with celebrities on "The God Pod." Hosted by notable personalities, this podcast explores spirituality, personal growth, and the transformative experiences that shape the lives of its guests.

      3. Minutia Men Celebrity Interview on Radio Misfits:

For those who appreciate the finer details, "Minutia Men" offers celebrity interviews on Radio Misfits. Dive into the small yet fascinating aspects of celebrities' lives, providing an intimate perspective that goes beyond the headlines.

      4. Celebrity Catch Up | Life After That Thing I Did:

Explore celebrities’ unscripted lives with "Celebrity Catch Up" as hosts guide guests through life after their most iconic roles or significant life events. From heartwarming stories to insightful reflections, this podcast offers a nostalgic and genuine connection.

      5. The Speidi Podcast:

Spencer and Heidi Pratt's "The Speidi Podcast" is a delightful mix of wit, charm, and unfiltered conversations. The celebrity interviews on this podcast are not only entertaining but also provide a candid look into the lives of the guests. A must-listen for those who enjoy humor and honesty in their podcasts.


The list of the "05 Best Celebrity Interview Podcasts" offers a curated selection of shows that exemplify the caliber of content available on the App Radio FM. These podcasts are more than just a broadcasting medium. From winning energy to thought-provoking discussions, each podcast contributes to the rich tapestry of celebrity interviews on the platform. 

From providing uninterrupted music enjoyment to offering a vast array of global radio stations, our listeners find value in the platform. You can also connect with your favorite celebrities in a much more suitable way. We invite you to subscribe to App Radio FM, tune in, and be an active participant in intimate conversations with your favorite celebrities as your journey is not just about listening.