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What is Internet Radio?

Internet radio, also web radio, online radio, net radiostreaming radioe-radio, is a digital radio service transmitted via the Internet. Broadcasting on the Internet is usually referred to as webcasting  since it is not transmitted broadly through wireless means. It can either be used as a stand-alone device running through the internet, or as software running through a single computer/device.
Internet radio is accessible online; therefore, a broadband connection and a home Wi-Fi network are required instead of a traditional antenna. Alternatively, you can connect to Internet radio using an Ethernet cable, but this is only useful if you plan to have the radio close to your router. Some, but not all, digital radios can stream audio from the Internet. These tend to be more expensive than FM or DAB media. However, a conventional radio is not needed to access Internet radio. You can access it through a media player or web browser on your computer or laptop or through an application on your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. These days with the invention of different mobile devices, it is safe to say the internet radio is usually accessed on mobile devices.

Why Internet radio?

  • People can retain what they hear on Internet radio stations and see in an advertisement at the same time. Vision, combined with auditory cues, sticks to a person's brain.
  • Although a picture is worth more than 1,000 words, in some cases, words can be stronger than print ads and increase consumer emotions, leading to a better response rate for large radio ads.
  • The positive emotional impact of radio spots was equal to or perhaps slightly greater than that of TV spots. This is important because the emotional involvement of the audience can influence an advertising campaign's effectiveness.
  • You are not limited to only the radio stations in your physical location. You can access different stations and genres from different online radios across the globe. 

What Is Special About Internet Radio?
There are many notable benefits to listening to Internet radio. First of all, you are not limited by locally transmitted signals so that you can listen to thousands of radio programs from all over the world in real-time. 
There is no need to struggle with manually adjusting the stations or being interrupted during a program due to dubious reception or signal problems. You can also listen to programs that have already been broadcasted, and many of the major radio stations on the Internet allow you to listen to previous programs. For example, in some cases, on the BBC, you may be listening to any radio program broadcast in the last month. 
With Internet Radio, signal strength is not an issue. The high-speed power of the Internet allows for fast and reliable signal transmission, allowing for seamless, high-quality transmission, as long as you have a decent Wi-Fi connection, of course. 
You can use free broadband speed tester to make sure your internet speed is working properly. Most internet radios allow you to stream music from your computer through radio speakers, giving you different options for what you can listen to. 
You can also connect the radio app on your mobile to your smart devices like smart TVs via Chromecast, or smart speakers and even enhance your experience.

Data use with internet radio 
The amount of data used will depend on the quality of the radio transmission, but if you listen to the radio with your smartphone, it is best to make sure that the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. If you want to listen to Internet radio when you are away from home, you can download apps such as Radio FM to enable you to listen on the go. 

Why Do People Like To Listen To The Radio in The USA?
People love to listen to the internet radio for many reasons, whether they are discovering new music or following the latest news, to find out about its popularity. People love to listen to radio due to its ability to connect listeners to new music, local and international news, and the added advantage of going mobile are the main factors the public keeps coming back for more.

Below are two major reasons why Americans love internet radios. 
Loves Good Music and Discovery: One of the main reasons people stay in touch with their favorite online radio is to listen to the music they know and love. 
Radio is Part of Life: More than half of listeners tune in to the radio to receive community news and follow their favorite programs. Radio is also an essential service for times during local emergencies and important community news.

With the internet radio apps, you get access to thousands of radios, be it from the USA or any other part of the world at your fingertips.