India’s Rising Entertainment Medium: Podcast industry in India

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In the modern world, where conversations go beyond boundaries, podcasting has emerged as the perfect entertainment medium of the modern age—India is no exception! The podcast is becoming India’s Rising Entertainment Medium. Like in other countries, the Podcast industry in India not only aims to entertain but also educate, engage, and empower. The world’s most populous democratic nation considers podcasts as the essential medium for consuming content in the modern world. Let's start by understanding the very core of podcasting.


Definition of Podcasting:

Basically, podcasting is an audio medium that allows individuals to share their narratives, insights, and expertise with a global audience. Unlike traditional radio broadcasts, podcasts are on-demand, giving listeners the flexibility to tune in at their convenience. From audio or video storytelling and interviews to educational content and news, the podcasting world is a diverse blend of voices echoing through the digital airwaves. 

Overview of the Global Podcasting Landscape:

Podcasting is not restricted to geographical borders; it's a global phenomenon that has reshaped the way we consume content. As we look across the global podcasting landscape, we witness a dynamic and ever-evolving ecosystem. From the early pioneers to the recent surge in popularity, these online radios have become a cultural force, influencing discussions, trends, and storytelling formats worldwide.

Rise of Podcasting in India:

India is rapidly evolving into one of the most technologically advanced developing countries, experiencing a substantial boom across various industries. As the nation embraces innovation and progress, there is a noticeable surge in technological advancements that is reshaping the landscape of its economic and industrial sectors. 

From information technology to manufacturing and beyond, India is positioning itself as a global hub of innovation and growth, marking a significant chapter in its developmental journey. This transformation is not only evident in the progress made by the technology sector but extends across diverse industries, reflecting a comprehensive and dynamic shift towards modernization.

Amidst this transformative phase, the podcast industry in India has also found its place in the spotlight. As technology continues to shape the nation's economic and industrial landscape, the podcasting sphere is experiencing a noteworthy surge in popularity. 

The Podcast Landscape in India

Growth and Popularity

From informative discussions to entertaining content, podcasts have become a dynamic medium, reflecting the diverse interests and activities of India's tech-savvy population. This podcasting boom adds a unique dimension to India's journey towards modernization, as it seamlessly integrates traditional industries with cutting-edge digital platforms, fostering a rich blend of information, entertainment, and innovation.

Statistics on Podcast Consumption

“By 2028, the number of listeners in India's Music, Radio & Podcast market is expected to reach 640.1m users.” —Statista.

Livemint: NEW DELHI: India’s podcast industry has amassed several new listeners over the past 12 months, with 81% of them having heard their first podcasts during the period, according a recent survey by IVM Podcasts in association with InMobi Pulse and InMobi group-owned Glance.

Livemint: In India, the top three favourite podcast genres were news policy (62%), comedy and entertainment (53%) and business and finance (47%).

These statistics about podcast industry in India reveal a substantial increase in the number of listeners, with a diverse demographic spanning age groups, interest and regions.

Emerging Trends in Indian Podcasting:

Genre Diversification: Beyond conventional genres, Indian podcasts are exploring diverse niches, catering to the interests of listeners. From true crime and business insights to cultural commentary and self-improvement, the podcasting landscape is a kaleidoscope of content.

Regional Resonance: The emergence of internet radios in regional languages has opened up new frontiers, fostering a deeper connection with audiences in different corners of the country. This linguistic diversity not only enriches content but also reaches everyone.

Interactive Platforms: The integration of interactive elements, such as live Q&A sessions, audience polls, and listener submissions, is redefining the listener-host dynamic. Podcasts are no longer limited to an audio medium, they are evolving into immersive dialogues, creating a sense of community among listeners.

Key Players in the Indian Podcasting Scene

Established Podcasters:

In the vibrant and expanding world of Indian podcasting, it's the voices behind the mic that truly define the narrative. From seasoned audio and video storytellers to thought-provoking interviewers, the podcasting landscape in India boasts a cadre of notable hosts and personalities who have carved their niche in the digital airwaves.

Notable Hosts and Personalities:

1. Ranveer Allahbadia- "YT: BeerBiceps":

With a distinctive voice, his entrance into the world of podcasting has been marked by insightful and engaging content that covers a wide range of topics, including self-improvement, motivation, and personal development.

2. Raj Shamani- "Figuring Out":

As the founder of Figuring Out Academy, an ed-tech platform, he has created a space where aspiring entrepreneurs can learn the intricacies of building and scaling startups from scratch. His podcast show, also named Figuring Out, adds another dimension to his contribution by providing a platform for in-depth discussions on entrepreneurship.

3. Varun Thakur- "The Internet Said So":

Varun Thakur’s podcast, "The Internet Said So," is hosted by Varun Thakur along with other comedians such as Aadar Malik, Neville Shah, and Kautuk Srivastava.  The podcast features humorous discussions and debates on a wide range of topics, often drawing inspiration from internet searches and queries. The podcast combines humor, jokes, and interesting facts, making it an entertaining listen for those who enjoy comedy and light-hearted discussions.

4. Jay Shetty - "On Purpose":

Through his widely acclaimed podcast, "On Purpose." In line with his overarching purpose of making wisdom accessible to a global audience, Jay Shetty brings fascinating conversations with some of the most insightful people in the world to listeners all over the world.

These podcasters, each with their distinct style and thematic focus, contribute to the rich diversity of Indian podcasting. As we navigate this auditory landscape, these voices not only entertain but also inform and inspire, creating a dynamic medium that resonates with listeners from diverse walks of life.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Monetization Challenges:

A sustainable revenue stream remains a significant challenge for many podcasters. Navigating the monetization maze, including advertisements, sponsorships, and subscription models, requires strategic finesse.

Cultural and Regulatory Factors:

India's diverse cultural values introduce unique challenges in content creation. Negotiating cultural sensitivities and adhering to evolving regulatory frameworks pose hurdles for podcasters aiming for a broad and inclusive audience.

Discovery Dilemmas:

With an increasing number of podcasts entering the scene, the discoverability of new aspects and elements of any topic becomes a hurdle for both new and established creators. Ensuring that quality content reaches its intended audience amid the digital cacophony is a persistent challenge.


In the exciting world of Indian podcasts, we've uncovered vibrant stories, challenges faced by Indian podcasters, and possibilities for the future. Podcasting is not just a trend; it's becoming the heartbeat of modern India. From the rise of incredible podcasters to the challenges they face, this audio journey is a reflection of our diverse culture and tech-savvy spirit. As we wrap up, remember, the best is yet to come. So, subscribe to App Radio FM, and let the Indian podcasting adventure continue to unfold in your ears.