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Internet Radio in the age of Online Music Streaming

By Admin | 2020-09-24 07:18:20

Online radio platforms and music streaming over the Internet have engulfed the traditional method of listening to music. Did you know? A mammoth 500 million dollar was the revenue of internet-based radio stations in 2019. Despite premium online music streaming apps failing to sustain its paid subscribers by 8%, the pandemic situation due to COVID-19 increased the figures of online radio listening by 15%. From a consumer behavior perspective, the transfer of greater control towards music listeners has been the ultimate game changer of the music industry.  So, what is the difference between internet radio and online music streaming?

What is internet radio?
Also known as web radio or online radio, internet radio is simply radio with all of its traditional benefits along with modern conveniences of connectivity through far-reaching internet. This means you can imagine all those jazz, pop, and country genres without the fluttering antenna that your dad had to fix when signals seemed weak.

What is an online music streaming?
Music streaming online would mean listening to music without having to download the required files from the Internet. Phew! You just saved tons of your electronic device’s memory using both of these modern music streaming options. In case, you feel like you need your jam to boost yourself, you got to stream it again to play it again. 

Why do artists leave even the best streaming services?
Occasionally, you might notice you cannot find the song on internet music streaming services that you just found out about from a friend. This is because there are so many parties and their interests involved in this business – artists, distributors, and digital aggregators. Often, artists do not permit to stream their music online for various reasons. Fortunately, internet radio stations are most likely to reward you with the tone, melody, and harmony regardless of the genre or artist you prefer. No controversies are to meddle within the realm of radio online streaming.

Are there controversies with online music listening?
The first moral philosopher, Socrates, would have voted for the reign of best internet radio over the hyped online music streaming platforms. Many music artists favor other revenue opportunities so that they may overcome the low under-deserved pay per stream had the digital music stream option been fairer. The artists and related individuals/groups rarely ever get to know the exact figure due to tampering with the number of plays. With online radio, whether it’s FM or AM, you will keep your record of ethics intact without hampering your joys of high-quality musical experience.

How negligible is the requirement for radio streaming?
Let’s not forget the minimal requirements you ought to meet if you are to access the web radio app. No matter in which altitude you are, geographical distance is not measured anymore in miles because a properly functioning Wi-Fi connection with electronic devices would calm your rhythm deprived mind and that too at a very low monetary cost. Typically, web music streaming services would entice you with the attractive free trial version while burdening you with a generous subscription fee as your wish for more. It’s high time you give a thought towards alternative internet music options.

Ever thought of songs missing from internet music streaming?
After subscribing to one of those paid music streaming options, you feel like you are an owner of an enormous library where you can rejoice in the timbre and texture of music collections. Many times, you would find your old school song or a very popular song unavailable, but seconds apart the competing streaming service would boast of listing it. Don’t want to fall into this dilemma? Online radio boxes may be the savior! Language, country, boundary, and categories you name it, listen to your show anytime you feel like swaying with the international hits.

How influential is radio online streaming?
Many marketers believe that streaming radio online is here to stay and penetrate further into the future. Even a trend analysis of the internet radio vs online music streaming during the past 12 months clarifies the huge graphical gap to strengthen the domination of web radio/ radio app over those of other streaming services. Social media is another added influence where the radio apps connect individuals to compare their favorite listening habits with common tunes. Often, followers come in to make the engagements even more cohesive. 

In this robotic lifestyle, artificial intelligence in best streaming services chooses the music based on our past preferences but why should not we let the essence of human touch of a live music radio show choose the diverse array of artists, singers, albums, or songs for us? We might end up loving and living it! 
An awesome blend of 50,000+ radio stations with 150+ music genres from local radios or radios from other countries can be accessed using the Radio FM app.   After all, it’s music that transcends nations throughout this globe to connect humankind. Happy listening buddies!