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NRJ Radio Network

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A Little Background Check On NRJ
Jean-Paul Baudecroux, the chief executive office of NRJ (Nouvelle Radio des Jeunes) group, created a music radio station for young people in June 1981. With the passage of time and altitudes of success, he strategically covered all of Paris on 92.0 MHz.
Since then, the station has expanded to a plethora of regions and countries, such as:

  • Russia: NRJ radio network was granted permission to operate in Russia in 2006. It was primarily intended to be targeted for an audience of age between 18 and 35. 

  • Lebanon: Lebanon welcomed the services of the NRJ network in 2006 with two frequencies. The language in which this station is run in English and the international artists that broadcast interviews and concerts are from NRJ France.

  • Canada: In 2009, a renowned Canadian radio broadcaster rebranded its radio network under the NRJ name as a licensing agreement with the officials. However, later on, the license expired, and the broadcasters had to return to their previous Énergie brand. 

  • Finland: NRJ started its operations in Finland in 1995. One of the most heard stations is NRJ Finland - 93.8 FM.

  • Egypt: After putting heaps of effort into the preparations, NRJ Egypt finally came into being. Intending to host the youth, NRJ Egypt officially put their best foot forward in Egypt on April 2, 2017.

Target Listeners of NRJ Radio Network
The target audience of the NRJ radio network is from age 14 to 44. The initial goal of the chief executive office of NRJ was to make a radio station specifically for youth. However, with time, the age group expanded, and it targeted an elevated range. The station now focuses on popular music and does not bind age groups to its target. On a statistic side, there are a whopping six million people who listen to NRJ daily, according to Wikipedia.

Web Radios
The first web radio by NRJ was launched in 2006. Later, three additional web radios were launched. However, in 2012/13, the station operates approximately 153 web radios. The web radios of NRJ almost targeted every major artist, background, and music genre. In addition to it, despite being a French radio network, most of the names of web radios of NRJ are in English. 
The following is the list of NRJ web radios:

NRJ Hits
The events that are specifically sponsored by NRJ fall into this category. They are also dedicated to general hits. The color code of NRJ Hits is red.

  • NRJ Best Hits Ever

  • NRJ Hits of the Day

  • NRJ Hits of the Week

  • NRJ No Rap

  • NRJ Monday Motivation

  • NRJ Top 40

  • NRJ Music Tour

  • NRJ Music Awards

  • NRJ US Top 40

  • NRJ UK Top 40

And many more…


NRJ Dance Electro
With the color purple, this category of NRJ offers electronic music.

  • NRJ Dance


  • NRJ Clubbin'

  • NRJ Deep House

  • NRJ Dance 90

 And many more…

NRJ Classic
NRJ classic offers music that brings out the best in classical music. The color that conducts NRJ Classic is yellow-brown. 

  • NRJ Pop Urbaine

  • NRJ Urban Hits

  • NRJ Fresh Rap FR

  • NRJ Rap US

  • NRJ Rap FR

And many more…


Pop Rock
When you are in the mood for rock, tune in to NRJ Pop Rock. Its color is dark brown.

  • NRJ Pop

  • NRJ Rock

  • NRJ Classic Rock

  • NRJ Metal


Have you ever been hit by the sudden urge to listen to something soft music while waking up? NRJ Sunrise is at your service. The color of NRJ sunrise is light yellow.

  • NRJ Zouk

  • NRJ Latino Hits

  • NRJ Oriental

  • NRJ Reggaeton

  • NRJ Fiesta Latina

 And a few more…

Stay up-to-date with the latest sports update with NRJ Sports web radio. Their color is green.

  • NRJ Pour le Sport

  • NRJ Fitness

  • NRJ Hits for Running

  • NRJ The Mud Day


NRJ Playlists
A playlist that sets you in motion according to your taste or mood. It is represented by the color black.

  • NRJ Love

  • NRJ In Bed

  • NRJ Broken Heart

  • NRJ Romantic

  • NRJ Sentimental

  • NRJ At Work

  • NRJ At Home

  • NRJ Good Night

 And a few more


NRJ Podcasts
To broadcast certain programs on web radio, NRJ has deployed NRJ podcasts. Its color is red.

  • NRJ MiKL

  • NRJ Manu Le 6/9

  • NRJ YouTube

  • NRJ Le Rico Show

  • NRJ Stars

Do you want to listen to your favorite artist's songs? Worry no more, NRJ Stars is here for you to provide a solution to your worries. The color of the NRJ stars is blue.

  • NRJ One Direction

  • NRJ Jul

  • NRJ Soprano


  • NRJ Avicii

  • NRJ Rihanna's Hits

  • NRJ Maître Gims

  • NRJ David Guetta's Hits


After very humble beginnings, the ambitious NRJ radio network paved the way for tons of success. Ever since their inception since 1981, they have now become a force to reckon in the realm of French radio. 
Within a short period, NRJ gradually turned into a corporate worthy of an empire. To this date, they are moving from one local and international station to another, making their presence noticed in the world of radio. 
So, what's with the wait? Tune in to NRJ network from Radio FM app/website now to listen to some of the top hits, a special guest interview, or an interesting podcast.