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Podcast and TEDx: Where to listen to your favorite talk shows

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Well, everyone these days is addicted to one podcast or another. They are the natural evolution of traditional radios. With the evolution of online radio, creators create content (mostly audio) on a specific topic, such as real-life stories, recipes, etc., and make them available to everyone who can access online radio apps on their mobile device. Moreover, most content developers tend to add special parts linked to themselves in the podcasts and promotions.
A podcast can be broadcast on various topics, from culture to technology and business to streaming. They are engaging platforms for getting real information while running day-to-day activities such as cooking, cleaning, etc. You just need to open your iPad or smartphone, and you're good to go. After all, no one wants to listen to music all the time.
That being said, some people are keen on how they can get good TEDx programs on their mobile devices. It has been a hassle getting the right platform to listen to the best TEDx programs, like listening to a TEDx podcast or recording while carrying out their day-to-day activities. Before we help you solve that problem, what are TEDx and a TEDx program? 

TEDx Program
TEDx is a grassroots initiative created in the spirit of TED's overall mission to seek out and discover "ideas worth spreading." TEDx brings the spirit of TED to local communities worldwide through TEDx events. These events are led by passionate people who want to discover new ideas and share the latest research in their region, sparking conversations in their communities. TEDx events include live TED speakers and recorded speeches and are independently hosted with a free TED license. TED does not vet these events, but event organizers agree to follow their format and receive guidance on curatorship, speaker training, event planning, and more. They learn from TED and each other. More than 3,000 events are organized each year.

What is a TEDx talk?
Before listening to a TEDx talk, it's important to know what a TEDx Talk is. Also, it helps to understand the different types of speeches worth listening to. This way, you know what you are looking for.
A TEDx talk is a platform for speakers who deliver big, well-formed ideas in less than 18 minutes.

Why less than 18 minutes?
This short talk pattern works because it only requires the audience's attention for a short time, reducing the chance of wandering or daydreaming during the talk. Some of the best TED talks were only 5 minutes long!

What is a good, well-formed idea?
It could be one of two things:

  • Something new and surprising; an idea or invention the audience has never heard of.
  • A great basic idea (that the audience may have heard) accompanied by a compelling new argument that sparks beliefs and perspectives.

In other words, an idea is not just a story or a list of facts. A good idea requires evidence or observations and leads to a larger conclusion.
With that said, what are some of the talks to expect from a TEDx talk?  

Types of Talks
When considering the type of talks to listen to, you can consider these seven different types: not every speaker's talk has to be the same.

  • The artist's statement: In these talks, artists show their art and explain the meaning and process behind what they create.
  • The Big Idea: Conversations that make a strong point or two are important.
  • The Dazzle with Wonder: These talks are primarily about the wonder of science and discovery.
  • The Issue Talk: These discussions expose the audience to a subject they may not have known much about.
  • The performance: Music, dance, magic, puppetry, or any other show that fascinates your audience.
  • The Small Idea: These discussions are not about a big idea that will change the world but a compelling vision on an interesting subject.
  • The Tech demonstration: A scenic vision of a clever new invention, in which the speaker was part of the creation.

Now that you know some key talks and what to expect from a TEDx talk. Let's delve into two of the most popular apps you can install on your phone that gives you uninterrupted access to TEDx talks.

To Summarize
Podcasts are known to open up a whole world of entertainment and knowledge to anyone interested in listening to them. With various themes and episodes in the feed, a good podcast can effectively engage listeners even on the go. Hence, the need to listen to TEDx talks. The above list of the two best podcast apps makes it easy to find and listen to all the amazing talk shows you can think of. But for context, we recommend going with FM Radio as it gives you more coverage and offers more listening pleasures.

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