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Podcasting in 2023- 5 Facts about Podcasts you need to know.

By Admin | 2023-08-10 12:18:59



Welcome to the captivating world of podcasting in 2023, where its popularity knows no boundary and shows no signs of slowing down! As the audio revolution unfolds, seamless accessibility to diverse content and storytelling has become an indispensable part of our lives.

Think of it as a captivating carnival for your brand's voice, a tantalizing tapestry woven with humor, wit, and the sheer brilliance that only your team possesses. Who needs boring speech when you can whisk your audience away on an extraordinary rollercoaster ride of laughter, insights, and mind-blowing revelations?

Get ready to be amazed as App Radio FM uncovers “five surprising podcasts facts in 2023” that you should know. Whether you're a seasoned listener or a newbie, or just a knowledge seeker, these fascinating insights will not only amuse you but also keep you hooked and informed about the ever-evolving podcasting landscape. 

1. Podcasting as a marketing tool:

Introducing the one and only... drumroll, please... PODCASTING as your ultimate marketing tool!

Imagine yourself in a crowded marketplace, striving for attention among an ocean of competitors. Your brand's voice suddenly bursts through the speakers, grabbing hearts and ears with its engaging appeal. Your audience will be charmed as they are attracted to a world where your brand reigns supreme!

Podcasts are becoming game-changer marketing tools in the fast-paced world of marketing. In today's dynamic marketing landscape, businesses and brands have recognized the great potential of podcasting as a strategic organic marketing tool to engage their target audience, reach and explore new opportunities to grow in the industry. 

Through compelling and informative audio content, they are building meaningful connections, establishing thought leadership, and driving brand loyalty like never before. Here, we'll explore some successful podcast marketing strategies that are reshaping the industry and leaving a lasting impact on audience engagement.

⦁Branded Podcasts for Becoming Thought Leadership:

In this type of podcast marketing, brands usually create podcasts relating to expertise, industry insights, niche topics, and storytelling for emotional connection with the audience. Brands usually do this type of podcasting with the aim of portraying themselves as the authority in the niche, attracting potential viewers, and buyers seeking valuable information.

⦁Collaboration with Influencers and Guest Appearance:

As marketing is changing its course so are influencers. Brands usually seek these opportunities where they can collab with the most viewed, influential personalities and get to their existing audience. They also invite these influencers and guests to their podcast episodes. With this, they get a chance to increase brand reach, and authority and influence viewers’ minds.

⦁Interactive Listener Engagement:

A successful business is one that is customer centric which at one point means- solving their problems, and queries with the offered solutions but this is not enough. Customers can still get stuck with the problem where proposed solutions are not enough; this is where they want interactive engagement with the brand. A customer-centric business encourages listener participation through Polls, live Q&A Sessions during podcasting, and Social Media Interaction.

There are many other strategic Podcasts marketing benefits.

2. Podcasts beyond audio: video and beyond.

Are you tired of your one-legged unicycle trying to navigate a bumpy road? Well, it's time to take your podcasting game to the next level. With ever-evolving technology, the podcast industry is evolving too. Now users can experience video podcasts also known as “Vodcasts” or “Vidcasts”, this combines audio content with visual elements like face-to-face interviews, demonstrations, and graphical representation.

Content creators are exploring new multimedia formats where it gets more engaging and interactive such as having clickable elements, images, and dynamic content. 

⦁The Future Possibilities of Podcasting:

The exploration of new multimedia formats is not where it ends. There are many future podcasting possibilities where video podcasting meets a high-five from the future’s amazing podcasting integrated with Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and AI, creating an amazing experience for listeners and creators.

3. Podcast Transcription and Accessibility.

Picture your podcast is already a superstar, sweeping its hot stuff on the digital catwalk, but here's the plot twist! With transcription, you’re dressing up your words in glittering subtitles that make your content a global sensation. 

Transcription is a written form of spoken words and the increasing use of transcription for podcast (internet Radio) episodes has become a valuable practice that benefits both podcast creators and listeners. By transcribing podcast content, creators are making their episodes more accessible and discoverable, while also enhancing the overall listening experience for various audiences like impaired individuals or non-native speakers. It also helps listeners to understand the different accents and complex words, and the ability to read and follow the spoken content. 

Transcription is also a best practice for content creators in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the ever-changing SEO factors, and some recent Google algorithm updates, written scripts of the spoken words are used to gain ranking in search engines.

4. Podcasting's Social Impact.

These Podcasts are emerging as a compelling platform for spreading awareness and driving social change. With their intimate storytelling and authentic conversations, podcasts address pressing social issues and connect with audiences on a personal level. 

Let's explore how podcasts are being used to create meaningful impact and highlight some podcasts that focus on social issues, leaving a lasting influence on communities. 

⦁Raising Consciousness and Encouraging Empathy:

Podcasts (online radios) bring awareness to a broad array of social issues, like environmental or climate changes, mental and physical health concerns, and injustice based on color, caste, race, and religion. These podcasts also encourage the listeners to show empathy towards the victimized subject. 

⦁Dialogue Assistance and Perspective Problem:

With the help of Podcasts, anyone can openly discuss complex societal issues. Podcasts can outnumber many restrictions, especially in second or third-world countries, where challenging forced perspectives prevails and having a different perspective is often not accepted. 

⦁Inspiring Action and Community Engagement

Social problem podcasts inspire listeners to take action and become involved in social concerns. 

They give audiences information, concrete steps, and linkages to organizations, enabling them to make a difference in their areas.

⦁Giving Insignificant Communities a Voice:

Podcasts prove to be a platform for insignificant or victimized people and communities to tell their stories and fight for their rights or change. These podcasts promote voices that might otherwise go unheard in mainstream media.

5. Monetization opportunities for creators:

It’s time for a wise old owl-like podcast, imparting wisdom and laughter to the world, transform into a savvy business owl—because let's face it, even wise old owls need a little money in their feathers!

In 2023, podcast creators have access to a diverse range of monetization methods that enable them to turn their passion for podcasting into a sustainable revenue stream. These methods leverage the growing popularity and engagement of podcasts to attract advertisers, sponsors, and dedicated listeners. Get ready to turn your passion into profit and make your bank account do a victory dance!

⦁Ads, Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) & Sponsorships:

Podcasters can monetize their content by incorporating advertisements and sponsorships into their episodes.

Those advertisers and Sponsors pay for getting the ads or products featured or placed in the episodes. Making it an opportunity to reach a specific target audience for them. Podcasters also add ads dynamically into their episodes and leave no chance to miss the potential revenue generation opportunity. This process is called Dynamic Ad Insertion.

⦁Mid-Roll, Pre-Roll Ads & Native Advertisements:

To get maximum exposure, Mid-Roll and Pre-Roll Ads are a type of ads that are played in the beginning (Pre-roll) or mid (Mid-roll) of the episode. While Native Ads are those ads that blend naturally with the content; where a user is not disturbed with an intrusive kind of Ad.

⦁Subscription Models:

Many Famous Podcasts offer premium or exclusive content through subscription-based models. Audiences of these podcasts or internet radios pay monthly, quarterly, or annually recurring fees to access premium content like ads-free listening/viewing or other exclusive perks.

⦁Donations, Crowdfunding, and Merchandise Sales:

Some Podcasters heavily rely on donations or crowdfunding from the viewers or listeners. They create and run this podcast on the funds collected from the viewers while some make branded clothing, keychains, mugs, and other accessories. This not only makes sales for them but also increases brand visibility for them.

⦁Live Shows and Events:

Many Podcasters organize live shows or events and workshops where they earn their revenue by ticketing the audience. This approach is mostly working for those who take this as an additional source of generating revenue, however, this may not work as the primary source in podcasting.

⦁Affiliate Marketing:

Some podcasts build a partnership with affiliate programs and earn a commission whenever a podcast viewer or listener follows or click the link or sometimes buys something from that specific link that was being promoted by the podcaster.


As we enter the booming world of podcasting in 2023, we see its relentless expansion and increasing social influence in the future. The five startling podcast facts have revealed the numerous potential opportunities it contains for both creators and listeners. Podcasts continue to push the frontiers of audio content, from being a valuable marketing tool for businesses to exploring new multimedia formats. 

Podcasts have become more accessible and it is also reachable by hearing-impaired individuals, thanks to transcriptions, for making it happen. while social issue-focused podcasts raise awareness and promote empathy within communities, it also contains mind-boggling revenue-generating opportunities for the creators through various monetization methods befitting the nature of podcasts.