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Radio Wave during Pandemic

By Admin | 2020-08-04 11:29:06

We are all overwhelmed and anxious about global health during this pandemic. Many of us are still wondering about the situation prevailing around us. In this situation of crisis, the media and relative industries are working hard to curb the spread of misinformation. Also, the radio industry is playing an important role through its social messaging to keep their listeners aware and inciting a sense of positivity. As the government has been asking these organizations to operate from home, let us see how the industry is coping up with the change?

Are you curious?

So, are we!

As this deadly pandemic has forced us to work from home, traveling has almost disappeared. And so are the drive- time pop music and podcast habits for most of the Americans around the nation.

But, hang on!

That is not only affecting our listening habits but also changing our taste in the type of music we are listening to (that's because we are at home!).

How Much Media Consumption Is Expected To Rise during the period of Coronavirus?

  • According to a recent study, media usage may rise to 60%. There is no doubt to say that people are watching the news on their TV sets, listening to radios, or prefer reading news online while working.
  • The Nielsen study highlighted the fact that the remote workers are still listening to the radio at the same rate as working as regular employees- and the figures are around 95%.
  • Astonishing isn’t it?
  • It also shows that eight out of ten people are actively listening to radio even more than before these days. So, our question here is- What has changed? & where Americans are listening exactly?
  • Well, below are a few stats:
  • Around 26% of the population is listening from home.
  • Around 19% of them are using Internet Radio on their Smartphones.
  • 14 % are listening to podcasts to reduce their anxiety.
  • 12% and more are listening via computers or tablets.

As mentioned above, the place and device where we prefer listening to FM have changed because of COVID-19, but many are still committed to the same. Nearly 28% of radio listeners have reported that they are listening to the radio more than ever.

This is how the World is Tuning in to the Radio

Now, let’s now travel the world!

The desire to stay informed among people has also reflected the radio’s performance during the pandemic outbreak.

According to the statistics provided by the BBC, their radio station has noticeably seen an unexpected rise of 18%. The Global has to say the same as well, which saw a rise of 15% in the internet radio streams since March 2020.

People are now more desperate for the news and related updates of the current scenario, it is no more a surprise that radio stations are getting such a huge uplift. Also, the same story is even more compelling in America.

The Reasons behind Rising Love for Radio

  • A Balanced Source of Entertainment: Radio is the best source of equilibrium for the up-to-date news as well as a distraction from the unwanted negativity and anxiety. It is also a trusted source of information that is very easy to access from any nook and corner of our house.
  • Loved & Trusted by Many: Our love for the national news makes the radio quite accessible around the country. Both AM and FM have always been loved and trusted in the normal situation along with the times of crisis.
  • We can Still be Dependable: It is always found evolving with technology and commercial radio being the second oldest across the globe (newspapers are the oldest source). Somehow, the number has declined around 90% these days when we talk about the newspaper. Americans love listening to the radio every day and making it stand out when compared to television, Smartphones, or any digital platform.

Other Factors:

  • Radio is the most reliable source of entertainment as it allows listeners to access while working from home.
  • It provides you with the live statistics about the COVID-19 outbreak to spread awareness.
  • You have a wide range of platforms to scroll through.
  • It is available 24*7 for you.

Want to know more on radio updates? Stay tuned for our next blog post!