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Top 10 Most Played Radios in France in Februrary

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Online radio allows people worldwide to access any available radio station and targets listeners who like to listen to specialized audio content.
Online radio, also known as "web radio" or "internet radio," is a digital audio service broadcast over the Internet. Unlike wireless radio, webcasting is delivered directly to listeners over a wireless network.
Because it does not require a transmitter to operate, costs are often lower than traditional transmission. With fewer resources, internet radio can provide listeners with ad-free content and is often funded by donations.

In 2021, online radio was the most listened to digital audio content among French respondents, followed by streaming music and live audio. This more flexible service is aimed at the general public, regardless of gender, age or profession. Indeed, consumers aged 35 to 49 accounted for 26% of online music and radio listeners, while respondents aged 65 and over accounted for 15% in 2019. In the same year, 12% of online content consumers' online audio were students.

At least 40% of the music broadcast on French private radio stations must be of French origin.
This is the measure taken by the French government to preserve French culture. This is great news because it implies you can listen to French radio knowing you'll hear enough French music.

If you are looking for good French music to listen to or if you want to improve your listening skills, there is always a French radio station for you and this article will help you find it.

Top 10 most played radios in France on Radio FM in February

One of France's most listened-to radio stations and the primary radio station in the Principality of Monaco, RMC focuses on sports and general news.

France Info
As it is called, France Info was the first French news radio created and remains one of the most listened to in France. Its frantic live news coverage makes it an interesting and inspiring piece to listen to as a French language learner.

Mainly known for its live comedy programs such as Les Grosses Têtes (a daily program dedicated to current affairs and culture), RTL (formerly Radio Luxembourg) is also the perfect general-interest radio station to see and listen to the latest hits from France and abroad.

France Inter
If you're looking for a quick conversation and a mix of culture and current affairs, France Inter is the perfect French radio station for you.
Are you a book reader? On Saturday, tune in to France Inter to hear authors and booksellers from France, Switzerland, Canada, and Belgium discuss the latest books from their countries at La Librairie Francophone.

RFI Monde
Primarily known to French learners for daily life in easy French, a daily 10-minute podcast that explains the news in simple French, RFI is also one of the most listened to internet radio stations in the world, with approximately 35.6 million listeners in 2008.
Broadcast in French and 12 other languages, RFI covers economic, cultural, and diplomatic events and current affairs.<> RFI is broadcast on 156 different FM frequencies, with medium and short wave relays, on 30 different satellite signals worldwide, and the Internet and dedicated applications. RFI is also broadcast worldwide through more than 1,400 partner radios.

After being suspended for almost a month in 1984 due to problems with the French authorities, NRJ is today the most listened to private radio station in France.
NRJ, an acronym that reads like Nouvelle Radio Jeune, is a French private radio station created by Jean-Paul Baudecroux and Max Guazzini in June 1981 and became very popular thanks to its godmother, the singer Dalida, who passed in 1984. Today the radio belongs to the NRJ group and is the founding station of NRJ International.
The station only focuses on current top hits during the day and electronic music for a few hours during the weekend night. The talk shows take place every evening except Saturday. On the contrary, their web radios are dedicated to a wide range of music: rap, RnB, dance, hip-hop, and electro, top 40, urban, and rock.

If you got a teenager who is a lover of music, then tune in to Skyrockcuz they got some love music, especially if they love rap, R&B, and hip-hop.

Europe 1
Europe 1 helps you better understand what is happening in France and around the world with social debates, a political summit, and numerous interviews.

A French student once said that the best thing about Nostalgie is the ads because they teach a lot of new words, and it's true that you won't learn much French in Nostalgie since most of the songs they broadcast are in English.
However, you will find the old-fashioned charm of the greatest hits of the 70s and 80s.

RTL2 is a French private radio station based in Paris, created in 1992 and owned by RTL Group. RTL2 plays pop and rock music from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s.

Listen to these and many more internet radio stations from France or from any other country in the world for free on Radio FM!!