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World Radio Day: History and evolution of the radio.

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The 13th of February is a day set out to observe World radio day to celebrate one of the oldest and most widely consumed mediums of communication. It paid tribute to the medium and the way in which it has adapted to “societal transformations and listener’s new needs” for over a century. This date was decided by UNESCO in November 2011, after a request was made by the Spanish radio academy in 2010. The request presented by the renowned Spanish academy was a proposal for an international radio day. In respect to this proposal, a series of consultations that included relevant bodies were carried out by UNESCO. At the end of these interviews, over 90% of the bodies and organizations that were consulted accepted the idea.

Based on these votes, it was proposed that during the 36th session of the general assembly, UNESCO declared a world radio day and so February 13th was chosen because it is also the anniversary of the day the United Nations Radio was founded in 1946. The proclamation was made by Mirta Lourenca, who happens to be the chief in charge of the sector of media development. Every year, February 13th is celebrated by radio stations all over the world to praise the strides and evolution of the radio.

It is really hard not to acknowledge all the radio has helped accomplish since it was created in 1890, by Marconi Guglielmo. Though it wasn't initially called a radio. Before 1890 and Marconi's discovery, all modes of communications using radio waves were referred to as "wireless communication". It was in 1890 the term "radio" became rampant and more people picked up the word.

The radio has aided the massive spread of information, it has helped education and also entertainment. Anyone with a radio can attest to the amount of information he or she enjoys. With the flick of a single knob, one is privy to a deluge of information. Many radio stations hold interactive sessions via their platforms; people tune in to discuss relevant matters bordering on politics, relationships, sports, health and finance. The radio does not stop at just these, it is also a major form of entertainment for people of all age and backgrounds! People follow football updates, some stations are solely dedicated to diverse kinds of music and callers are even allowed to place requests for songs they enjoy. Furthermore, Children can also listen to educative programs.

Though the radio has been around for a long time, it has not lost its relevance, it has shown resilience and kept up with the trends and times. Many radio stations now incorporate new practices they didn't have before. New developments are made so they do not become obsolete. For one, years ago we had nothing like the online radio but with time, it has now a part of us.  

An online radio is one in which content can be accessed through the Internet. As long as one has connection to the Internet, an online radio can be accessed at any time. One clear disadvantage of the conventional radio is that transmission of content is usually limited, either it is towards a particular state, locale, region or a country. Internet radio has a wider coverage, since it uses the internet it can provide entertainment and information for a wider audience. The conventional radio differs from the online radio in terms of reach, access and even user's experience. Even with these differences, the operations are not all that different.

To mark the world radio day, every year a new theme is picked to commemorate the day. For 2021, the theme is "New World, New Radio" and the theme is further divided into three sub-themes, which are:

- Evolution: Even with countless changes, the radio has preserved, It has doggedly chased relevance. This clearly shows strength and resilience. Since its creation, there is no time on which the radio was irrelevant. Even currently as the internet advances, the radio devised means to create what we know today as the online radio.

- Innovation: The radio creates, from new programmes to incorporating modern technologies; the radio has been innovative. For many, the radio continues to serve as the go-to place for information.

- Connection: Even to this time, the radio forms this connection, through the world. It gives updates on recent happenings, developments including news.

We can't deny the profound effects of this amazing device, which seems to serve and find relevance at all times. Celebrate World Radio Day by listening to your favorite Radio Station.
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