Genre Detail

    It is said that the 2000s had the most significant impact on the rise of independent and underground music. The reason The internet and digital devices like MP3 players. The introduction of these digital devices introduced a generational uprise in music. In short, it changed the face of music forever and reinvented the media. 

    As a result of all this freedom, this decade introduced new bands and gave them the freedom to experiment and play around, making what they like and how they like it. It paved the way to let the fans decide what they wanted without renowned records getting in the way. 

    Introduction of New Music and Bands in the 00s

    While it is a hard pill to swallow for old music lovers, but most of the dwellers will agree that a few of the best bands were welcomed in the 2000s. That means if an artist or a band started singing in late the 1990s, their success came in the 2000s, as it embraced the digitalization of music. Some of the great music and artists that happened in the 2000s are:

    Arctic Monkeys:

    Impressive name or not, they have been impressive in terms of preserving immersive music. Some of their achievements include winning several awards, setting fast-selling album sales, and topping charts all over Europe. They have taken rock , more specifically alternative rock , and sprinkled their own sauces on it. “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor.” This song was ranked number seven on NME's list of The Top 500 Songs of All Time.

    Queens of the Stone Age:

    Queens of the Stone Age was comparatively one of the highly successful bands of that decade. Not classic, but not all-new either. They initially started with the mission to work on the rock genre, and they stayed true to their word. “3's And 7's” is one the renowned single by Queens of the Stone Age from their Album named ‘Era Vulgaris.’ It was number one on the UK rock and Metal Chart and number nineteen on the UK Singles Chart.

    The White Stripes

    Without a shadow of a doubt, The White Stripes started as a promising band, and they delivered some top music. What Nirvana did for grunge, this rock duo might have done for garage rock . They have been blessed with an innumerable amount of awards and achievements to their name. They got the recognition they deserved, especially in the UK, all because of the digital era. This music would not have existed two decades ago. The Guinness Book of World Records lists them as the Most Successful Virtual Band. 

    Whether it is to belt out a tune or bust out of move, 00s produced a few of the finest music known to mankind. However, the mainstream music from the 00s, if anything was very soft and pop . Of course most the music made their own success but this produced some of the finest pieces of rock  music. Over the course of time, the 00s has proved to be nothing but substantiating in providing and introducing all kinds of music. Tune in now to listen to the finest radio stations of the 00s genre.