Genre Detail

    Dubstep is a piece of electronic dance music. A perfect way to recognize a dubstep song or mix is the use of sub-bass reverb present in most productions. The bass resonates at different speeds to give a feeling of movement and insistence.

    Dubstep intervals are generally higher in beats per minute, which typically range from 138 to 142 BPM. The style does not favor four-level rhythms but is based on spaced and syncopated percussions to which the listener generally adds his mental metronome.

    In 2009, the genre came to life through remixes of famous artists like Lady Gaga and La Roux. Artists like Nero integrate dubstep on drums and bass and layer their voices to create a more accessible sound. Singer Britney Spears took advantage of this trend in her 2011 song, "Hold It Against Me," which features subwoofer frequencies and syncopated beats across the bridge segment.

    Dubstep Origin

    Released in the late '90s and early 2000s, the genre has recently seen a more pronounced view in conventional music. Dubstep was born out of the two-stage dubbing remixes of the garage that took control of London at the time. The remixers tried to introduce new sounds to the genre, in two passages, which produced a sound that would soon need its name. Dubstep simply means the combination of "dub" and "2 steps".

    The term dubstep began to be used in 2002 by record companies. It started gaining popularity in 2005, breaking away from the cover of music magazines and online publications. DJ Joe Baltimore, Joe Nice, is credited with the dubstep show in North America.

    Some Dubstep artists include El-B, Oris Jay, Zed Bias, Skrillex, Steve Gurley, Skream, Bassnectar, Nero, James Blake, PantyRaid, and Jakob. 

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