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    We all know that the music from a horror movie is crucial to creating tension and atmosphere, but what about music inspired by the movies themselves The Misfits made horror-punk famous at least among horror and punk fans, but it's only the tip on the icing when it comes to horror movies that influence musicians to produced songs fit for Halloween. Sure, the influence of horror is felt in the history of rock and metal, but what about some of the lesser-known genres Here are seven kinds of weird horror genres that pass for Halloween. 


    After horror-punk, horrorcore is perhaps the most famous spooky subgenre. It is based on hip-hop, with lyrical content closer to black metal, which often deals with the themes of necrophilia, death, murder, psychosis, and suicide. It's relatively underground, but Insane Clown Posse has managed to get much attention. The songs generally have graphic representations of the violence of the words. 

    The Witch House (also known as the haunted house)

    It is electronic music, with dark and hidden themes, characterized by obscure samples, repetition of buzz and distorted, ethereal and supernatural voices. Many artists use Unicode symbols, such as stars and crosses in the name of their songs, to make the genre more challenging to find and more exclusive. Aside from the absurd hipster nonsense, the music embodies the atmosphere of Twin Peaks and visual horror like Suspiria. 


    Increasing in popularity in the Netherlands in the 1990s, terrorcore is a derivative of hardcore techno, with particular horror. Songs are typical, as are heavy metal influences. Frenzied/dark synthesizers, faster than normal rhythm, and quick, choppy shifts make this genre a terrifying touch for the most recognizable styles of this genre.

    Southern Gothic (also known as Gothic Americana)

    Southern Gothic is nothing new in fiction; even Disney has based some of its haunted games on ghost stories and crimes in the southern United States. Decaying plantations, voodoo, vindictive spirits, and a mix of alternative rock and classic country/folk mark the musical genre inspired by cinema and Gothic literature from the south.

    Some of the notable Halloween Artists include but not limited to: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Hanatarash, Nam June Paik, Screamin 'Jay Hawkins, Old Crow Medicine Show, Bonehead, Dr. Eppo, ScreamerClauz, GL  SS † 33 † H, Crazy Clowns Group, and Gravediggaz.

    Some of the greatest Halloween songs include Thriller, Monster Mash, The Purple People Eater, Haunted House, Halloween by Glenn Danzig, Living Dead Girl, Full Moon, and Halloween by Kai Hansen.

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