Genre Detail

    House, a genre that is characterized by electronic Dancefloor music and a tempo of 120 – 130 BPM (Beats per Minute), is none other than House. The genre was pioneered by several DJs and producers expanding across the European states.

    House music has now changed the narrative of clubbing. From disco to footwork, House music has you up and running for the Dancefloor. It is considered as one of the building blocks of modern music. Its origins have stemmed from the underground clubs of Chicago and New York catering black and gay audiences. To this day, House music has the same intensity and inclusivity that thrives across generations.

    Like all definable moments, House came into existence in a very similar fashion. A few DJs, like Knuckles and Ron Hardy, mixed certain sounds, added a remix and tested them out in their venues. That is how House music came into being. That was the definable moment for this genre.

    How The House Music Became Dominant:

    House music has had a huge impact on Popmusic and Dancemusic in particular. It was picked up by a few major artists, including Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Kylie Minogue. Don’t You Worry Child’ by Swedish House Mafia is one of the best House music tracks to have existed. Other honorable and famous tracks that make the list are:

    • Lose Control – Meduza.
    • Pacific State – 808 State.
    • The Sun Can’t Compare – Larry Head.
    • The Cure & and The Cause – Fish Go Deep.

    The popularity of House music has waxed over the years, but it has always been in a swift motion, all thanks to the internet. It has helped foster this genre into a widespread appreciation for a myriad of communities. Above all, there are producers and composers that still exist to bring innovations to this genre. Names like Theo Parrish, Honey Dijon, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Floating Points, and Jenifa Mayanja are still helping in maintaining the quality and consistency of this genre. 

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