Genre Detail

    Rock , a subgenre of alternative Rock music, was originated in the United Kingdom and the United States of America in the early 1980s. A form of Indiemusic, it was associated with small record companies with low budgets and individual artists, which produced lo-fi Rock records.


    IndieRock is a very diverse genre of music with multiple subgenres, each vastly different from the other. IndieRock and alternative Rock are often mixed. However, several differences exist among the two genres. In today's music world, IndieRock has achieved some commercial success, and many of the record companies are still producing tracks based on this genre. IndieRock has also led to the origination of many new genres and subgenres that include Math Rock , emo, space Rock , etc. Kodaline's High Hopes is a special mention in this category. The song reached number one on the Irish Singles Chart in 2013.