Genre Detail

    Known to be developed by African-Americans and given a better shape and structure by both European harmonic structure and African rhythms, Jazz is a musical genre that has taken the music industry by a storm since its inception. No matter how old the genre is, it would be futile to arrive at any attempt to derive its definition. Ever since the 20th Century began, Jazz has been rapidly and constantly evolving. 

    From Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and Miles Davis’ classics to the current jazz songs of today, one can never get enough of this soulful genre. Speaking of Miles Davis, his famous and renowned songs named ‘So What’ tops the list from this genre followed closely by ‘My Favorite Things’ by John Coltrane. 

    Miles Davis’ songs were a few of the best examples of modal jazz. Say What’ is said to be the greatest lineup in the history of jazz history because of its phenomenally complex arrangement, which was in Dorian mode. Due to this characterization, Miles is said to be the pioneer of modal jazz.



    Ragtime is a jazz musical genre that enjoyed its peak from 1895 to 1919. Its cardinal trait is its ‘ragged’ rhythm. Scott Joplin was crowned as the ‘King of Ragtime’ for his ragtime compositions. He became famous after his publication of the ‘Maple Leaf Ring.’ He was a forgotten name in the jazz industry a few years later, except for a few dedicated and community of ragtime aficionados. 

    Modal Jazz:

    Instead of relying on one tone, modal jazz makes use of musical modes. It was most popular in the 1950s and 1960s, as evidenced by the success of Miles Davis, inspired by George Russell. A few of the instruments that were used in modal jazz were: Trumpet, saxophone, double bass, drums, and piano. In addition, other than Miles Davis, other prominent names in the Jazz genre include Joe Henderson, Pharaoh Sanders, Woody Shaw, and Larry Young.

    Smooth Jazz:

    Also termed as one of the smoothest genres of jazz, this genre became dominant in the 1980s and early 1990s, but they are still relevant as of today. It uses saxophone, guitar, trumpet, electric bass, drums, and synthesizer. People back in early the 2000s, also said that smooth jazz was a combination of pop-music and lightweight, which did not hold much accountability.

    With much to say about jazz, this genre has never stopped since it's century of inception. Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, and Tenderlonious are a few of the renowned names today and will continue to sit on top for the coming years. 

    Other subgenres of the Jazz category include Latin Jazz, Acid Jazz, Mainstream Jazz, and Dixieland, etc.

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