Genre Detail

    A lounge genre is a form of easy listening that appeared in the United States in the 1950s. It emphasizes a calm and relaxed atmosphere, with light arrangements and instruments derived from jazz and traditional pop forms. Other sources of inspiration include accidental background music, swing, pop, and Latin American music, as well as the general practice of instrumental versions.

    Developed in parallel with other styles of light listening exotica and the pop-age space, the lounge genre emphasized a relatively less wild or adventurous sound, with less dependence on sounds, arrangements, and eclectic effects. Conventional instruments and musical characteristics include frosty piano (similar to Cool Jazz), xylophone, vibraphone, Hammond organ, and soft percussion, as well as the use of big band languages and light orchestras. If the voice is used, the "lounge singer" is often presented in the "crooner" style of the Vocal Jazz style or a set of "accompaniment" voices serves as the leading voice.

    The term lounge has been applied retroactively since the 1980s and derives from its historical use in bars, hotel lounges, casinos, and restaurants. The lounge music was compared to the concept of "elevator music" and "muzak" to serve as a "background sound" while listeners were speaking or relaxing. Its use as background music is borrowed from soundtracks, especially in the 1960s, especially in the works of composer and arranger Henry Mancini.

    In addition to other easy listening styles, the lounge is often combined with equally relaxing styles, such as Downtempo, Bossa Nova, and Deep House. As part of a revival of lounge music, artists such as Pink Martini illustrated the Cocktail, which emerged as a modern line in the 1990s. This added a variety of 'various influences to the mix, including analog synths and Surf Music. Meanwhile, the show also had a significant impact on Shibuya-Kei and Chamber pop, in addition to the more experimental pop of Stereolab (alongside space pop).

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