Genre Detail

    Born from an aesthetic that aims to induce a feeling of inner calm, new age music comes from meditative and holistic fields. In general, there are harmonious and non-threatening albums allied with new era philosophies that promote spiritual transcendence and physical healing. Some of these albums are artistically satisfying and therapeutic. However, minor musicians often make ridiculous claims in their notes of their ability to catapult listeners into advanced spiritual states through specially designed sound vibrations and "immaculate" musical ideas.

    New Age music, known as a combination of instrumental pieces that create relaxing and romantic sounds, elevating the mood and sometimes sensual for general relaxation, seems to derive from a millennial scenario. New Age music was closely linked to the New Age belief movement, and its content was associated continuously with mystical problems that were present in the cultural movement. Most listeners generally take this type of music lightly. The mysticism that is part of the New Age sound seems to be characteristic of the New Age movement of the 21st century. It is freely based on religious traditions from around the world, with very little respect for the clarity of traditional stories. This freedom can also apply to musical structures, instruments, and timbres. Composers often use traditional instruments (or synthesized versions of them) that have little to do with the original musical context. For many critics, ethnomusicologists, and others, this is a crucial criticism of this musical style, due to the homogeneous appropriation of musical materials and instruments.

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