Genre Detail

    Soul music is, without any doubt, one of the most popular genres of music. This genre of music can be traced back to the 1950s and the early 1960s where it was introduced by the African American community in the United States. Soul music is considered to be a blend of African American gospel music, rhythms and blues, and jazz and is a foundation of many of the later found genres of music that includes funk and hip-hop music. After the slavery ended, African American's weren’t allowed in the churches of the white Americans, so they made their churches and sang their worship songs with African American rhythms and vocal styles. Due to these different vocal styles came into being two main styles of Soul music.

    The song ‘You Make Me Feel Like a Woman’ has been recorded and covered countless times, but Aretha Franklin gave life to songwriter Carole King's soaring lyrics. With its legendary composition, this song is a perfect combination of gospel and Soul genre. 

    Types of Soul Music:

    The most famous form of Soul music during the early 60s was Motown's pop-Soul. Motown Records is an American record label that was founded in 1959. Motown is located in the northern city of Detroit, Michigan. Back in the days, the artists and songwriters of Motown produced the major hits that the American teenagers loved. On the other hand, a varying style of Soul music developed in Chicago, Illinois. Here in the early 60s, Curtis Mayfield, an influential African American artist back in the days along with his group ‘The Impressions’ started writing powerful songs about the problems African Americans were facing that led to the origination of ‘Curtom Records,’ that released many of the superhit records including Curtis's soundtrack album for the film Superfly.

    Two main types of Soul music that developed in the south were:

    Deep Soul:

    Deep Soul music is a rather bold and funky type of Soul music that finds its origin in southern America. This specific genre is said to be an equal blend of the fervor of Southern gospel and the hard-driving energy of R&B.

    Memphis Soul:

    Soul, also called the Memphis sound, was originated from Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis Soul was the most eminent type of Southern Soul Music, featuring numerous instruments. However, the popularity of Memphis Soul declined gradually as disco music took over in the late 1970s.