Genre Detail

    Zouk, a piece of popular dance music associated in particular with the Caribbean islands, Guadalupe and Martinique, as well as Dominica and Haiti, Saint Lucia, all from the French Antilles. The music combines a variety of styles of music from Africa, the Caribbean, and America. It is characterized by the frequent use of the French Creole language of the Antilles by the importance of electronically synthesized sounds and by sophisticated recording technology.

    The Creole term from the French West Indies, Zouk, was used for the first time in the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique to designate the nocturnal festivals. The collective label for the different types of Caribbean music sung at these festivals was Zouk music. Popular Zouk music includes styles of Haitian folk music known as compass and cadence, Beguines of Martinique and Guadeloupe, and Cadence-lypso, a hybrid of Haitian rhythm and calypso of the Canadian trinity popular in Dominica in the 1970s.

    In 1979, a sound engineer and bass player of Guadalupe, Pierre-Edouard Décimus and a guitarist by the name Jacob Desvarieux formed Kassav ', the group that integrated the different styles of zouk music, injecting the mixture with a contemporary urban sound, produced in the study and marketing of new music such as Zouk. With the enormous commercial success in 1984 of the song of the group titled "Zouk-la sé tous médikaman nou ni" ("Zouk is the only medicine we have"), Zouk firmly established itself as a new genre of Caribbean dance, and doable. 


    The inspiration for Zouk's rhythmic musical style comes from Haitian rhythms, in addition to a piece of music called Cadenza, the music of Dominica made famous by Grammacks and Exile One.

    Zouk's music started to become popular at a time when Lambada's music was disappearing from the Brazilian dance scene. After the Lambada music stopped composing, the Brazilian Lambada dancers started playing Zouk music. 

    Some of Zouk’s artists are Kassav ', Kaysha, Soumia, Pearl Lama, Thierry Cham, Medhy Costs, Zouk Machine, Ali Angel, Slai, Talina, Eric Virgal, Elizio, Francky Vincent, Nichols, Jamice.

    Some Zouk radio stations on RadioFM include: Espace FM 98.8 (France), RadioHaitiFusion (Haiti), Koneksyon 509 (USA), RJ24-Radio Jeunesse (Ivory Coast), Radio FamaStar (Angola), Fire Online Radio (Saint Lucia) and several other radio stations across the globe.