Genre Detail

    Christian music has developed tremendously over the last century to represent the changing style of music that we enjoy. Contemporary music offers up-to-date music styles with the same traditional Christian message within the lyrics. In fact, Contemporary Christian music is growing quickly in popularity, and so is the number of subgenres offered to those interested in listening. 

    Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) also called Inspirational Music is a genre of music that is focused on the Christian faith. Contemporary Christian Music began in the 1960’s with the outpouring of the “Jesus Music” or the “Jesus Movement”.

    Some Christians believe the music is unholy, shallow, deceptive and degrading the traditional perception of God. They believe that CCM glorifies man and not Jesus Christ. Some Christians believe rock music has satanic roots and the emotions it creates are misleading. On the other hand, some Christians believe that CCM is a way of evangelizing the youth, but others say that music in the bible was never used to evangelize the lost.

    Christian music is said to contain an expression of Christian faith in the trinity and also an outlet to praise to the Father. It is also written to encourage fellow sisters and brothers in their walks with the Lord. What is so special about Christian music, you ask The lyrics. The content. What is sung is harmonious to the principals of God. 

    Some famous names in this music genre include Third day, Amy Grant, Newsbobys, Chris Tomlin

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