Genre Detail

    Classic songs, introduced in the 16's century and became successful throughout the years with advanced musical instruments and technology. The Classic has different categories, including Classic Country  Songs, Classic Hits, and Classic Rock.

    The term "Classic hits" is believed to have origined at WZLX in Boston. The aim was to magnetize people who experienced adolescence in either the 1960s and 1970s and did not favor the then-current heavy metal  or top 40 music of the 1980s but enjoyed the music of those eras. These were people whose mindset was aging beyond album-oriented Rock and top 40 , yet were still either too young for or uninterested in oldies.

    Before the mid-2000s, the term "Classic hits" was used by stations that played the softer or more hit-oriented side of Classic Rock. But today, there are a few stations that are identified as Classic hits, such as WROR-FM in Boston,  KOLA - 99.9 FM in San Bernardino, California and WJJK in Indianapolis. But their playlists have more in common with Classic Rock.

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