Genre Detail

     World music is a music genre that incorporates a large variety of different musical styles covering many different styles of music from many parts of the world. World Music is a Musical genre that incorporates diverse styles from Africa, eastern Europe, Asia, South and Central America, the Caribbean, and nonmainstream Western folk sources. This music style includes cultural folk music where different cultural traditions merge traditional and non-traditional music. The term “World Music” was first coined largely in response to the sudden increase of recordings in non-English languages that were released in Great Britain and the United States in the 1980s. By the early 1990s world music had become a bona fide musical genre and counterpoint to the increasingly synthetic sounds of Western pop music. 

    It has grown to include subgenres such as World Fusion, Global Fusion, Ethnic Fusion and World Beat. World music which is also called global music or international music is a Western musical category. It includes many forms of music that Westerners consider ethnic, indigenous music, folk music, non-traditional music, and music with more than one culture, such as non-Western music and Western popular music, intermingle. Although it was argued that no musical style could be identified as “world music,” the term was created to bring foreign music closer to Western popular music.

    World music was received for its “authenticity,” as a counterpoint to the increasingly synthetic and robotic sounds favored by Western pop producers during the 1980s. World music encompasses all music genres of the world except western music. Most music department of any store has a section labeled world music in which a diverse range of music can be found that seems foreign to most western ears. The rhythmic Kecak dance from Bali, the low and soothing sounds of the shakuhachi flute from Japan, and Celtic music from the United Kingdom are all examples of world music.

    Overall, the term ‘world music’ would be more accurate if it was called “foreign expansion.” This is because world music does not include all music that originates from the world; world music includes genres of music from cultures that differ from the ‘west’.

    When talking about world music, you can’t help but mention some of its founding artists such as; siku (zzk records), abeg no fex (crammed discs) and a-wa (s-curve), who were well known during their time. World music has really evolved since then with a young and talented artist like Popmatters, Bombino Azel, Imarhan and their astounding songs.

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    World music means different things to different people, making it difficult to define.  One thing is certain; we see more of it coming into our music libraries every day and "we know it when we hear it!"