Genre Detail

    K-Pop or Korean pop is a music genre that finds its origin in South Korea. The modern K-Pop music was first originated in the early 1990s, and its popularity started to grow since the 2000s. K-Pop completely replaced the term Gayo, that also referred to the south Korean music. K-Pop refers to the modern type of South Korean music under the influence of the styles and genres from around the globe, such as experimental, pop, jazz, country,folk, etc.

    Seo Taji and The Boys were one of the earliest K-Pop bands that came into being in 1992 and redefined the South Korean music as a blend of the traditional and modern music styles. K-Pop is considered to be a highly appealing form of music with great visual and musical elements. While the internet can be given great credits for having its contributions to the popularity of K-Pop music, there are some other factors too that led to the popularity of this genre.

    The creative use of color and costumes has always been a significant aspect when it comes to K-Pop music. Along with the eye-catching colors and costumes perfectly synced, dance routines are also something considered very common and important in the K-Pop culture. As K-Pop has found its roots in different parts of the world, many of the K-Pop artists have mastered a set of multiple languages to broaden their fanbase and to deliver their art to a wider range of audiences. One of the most popular K-Pop songs, “Gangnam Style,” that came out in 2012, shows how K-Pop culture engages audiences globally.

    The music video of Gangnam Style remains the most-watched music video until today on multiple platforms. The French Institut National de l'audiovisuel defines K-Pop as a "fusion of synthesized music, sharp dance routines, and fashionable, colorful outfits." In today's world K-Pop has made it's placed in every corner of the world and is considered one of the most listened types of music.

    In today's era, BTS has taken over K-Pop music with their immense talent and fanbase around the world. Their song ‘Save Me,’ is nearing 500 million views on YouTube. Other than BTS, a few of the most prominent names in the K-Pop genre include ‘Love Scenario’ by Ikon and ‘Bad Boy’ by Big Bang.