Genre Detail

    Where ever you go to in Columbia, you will get to hear music from across the road, in the bars, on the bus stops, and even on the local streets. Reggaeton , salsa , and cumbia  are a few of the most heard music in the country, but Vallenato tops the list. 

    Vallenato was originated from Colombia's Caribbean coast, and it blends European, African, and indigenous cultures. A high expressive musical and lyrical form of music, Vallenato, served as an inspiration to the Nobel prize-winning author García Márquez

    What Are The Instruments That Produce Vallenato

    The three major instruments used in the product of Vallenato music involve:

    • Guacharaca.
    • A wooden instrument invented by the Tairona people (an indigenous community) called the Caja.
    • A drum that took its origination from African (slave) communities
    • Accordion, a European instrument. 

    The Lyrical Battles of Vallenato

    Like hip-hop music, Vallenato also preserves lyrical battles in which two singers go against one another in a battle of wits. This battle, also known as piqueria, requires exceptional humorous and improvisational skills, as the battlers take turns singing rapidly over the accordions that are backing them from the behind.

    Global Influence of Vallenato

    One of the most famous songs of Vallenato was sung and performed by the new-wave singer ‘Carlos Vives.’ His rendition of the song was a huge success across Latin America, but it combined a few elements of rock with traditional Vallenato.

    Does the name ‘Carlos Vives’ ring a bell That is because he collaborated with Shakira in 2016 on the global hit named ‘La Bicicleta.’ The song is composed using vallenato accordions, and initially, it was titled ‘Vallenato Desperado’ (A desperate Vallenato)

    The Influence of Vallenato:

    Gabriel García Márquez, a name that is not unknown in the novelist section, was deeply inspired by this genre. The influence of Vallenato was not reached into far-flung areas, but it inspired a few of the famous personalities around the globe. For instance, Gabriel García wrote a novel named ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude,’ and he mentioned it as a ‘350-page Vallenato.’ The novelist loved to talk about Vallenato, and would reflect his thoughts, merits, and literary on it.