Genre Detail

    Caribbean music is increasing popularity worldwide due to its unique fusion of indigenous, African, and European music. The Caribbean music is made up of stunning three main genres, which are Calypso, Reggae , and Cuban Jazz . Each style uses different instruments that give it its distinctive sound as well as qualities.



    Calypso was founded in Trinidad by native Africans in the 1900s. These people were not allowed to speak, only to sing when they were working on the plantations. Since the lyrics or maybe texts had a stream of protest, the voice was seen as an instrument, a powerful and vital instrument. 

    The other tools used were leather drums, bamboo sticks, rattles, more. These instruments were rough and thick because musicians had to use easily accessible materials. Today, however, modern instruments have been installed, the integrity of which has been preserved.



    Reggae , on the other hand, was born in Jamaica in the 1960s. The uniqueness of Reggae music rests on skank, a syncopated rhythmic style in which numbers 2 and 4 beats make it more pronounced. The rhythm guitar is used to play the Reggae skank. In addition to this guitar, the rich bass is mainly used, and Reggae often uses pianos and synthesizers for organ sound.


    Cuban Jazz  

    Cuban Jazz was a product of American and Cuban musicians who skillfully blended American Jazz with Cuban and Creole styles. This style mainly uses metal instruments such as trumpets, trombones, and tubes, as well as woodwind instruments such as saxophone and flute. 


    Stringed instruments also help to make this type of music more attractive, and the piano has practically become synonymous with Cuban Jazz . The percussion instruments used in this type of music include bongo drums, rattles, conga drums, and stirrers.


    Caribbean Music Is Perfect For Weddings. 

    Caribbean music ensures that guests enjoy the festivities and that the wedding is remembered and commented on for a long time. It's the fascinating and deep rhythm of Caribbean music that gives it an enormous charm. 


    This type of music started as a form of communication between some slaves who used a bottle, spoon, and drum to convey messages. Eventually, large barrels of steel oil were used to make steel pans. What we know today as Reggae , calypso, soca, and Latin Jazz has its origins in these humble beginnings.


    Finally, Caribbean Music is a piece of music that puts a smile on the face of people, which started in Trinidad. These different sounds eventually merged. The synthesis of the Indian, African, and indigenous rhythm was responsible for the creation of the trendy Caribbean music.