Genre Detail

    Until the late 1960s, Christian music invoked images of churches, hymns, and organs. Traditionally, it was the word of the day, but not anymore. The face of Christian music has spent the past 30 years evolving and growing. 

    Pipe organs were reserved for guitar and drums. The hymns have been replaced by vigorous texts that speak today and a God who has total control over our time. Christian music has gone beyond the church and can be found on radio, television, concert halls, and at major events and festivals. It has been developed to include a wide variety of styles. country, rap, rock, metal, gospel, light music, urban gospel, and pop are covered, so whatever your musical taste, Christians today can find something interesting to listen to.

    Christian music has its tv programs, radio stations, award ceremonies, publications, and websites. The change itself did not happen overnight. It took many years. It took sacrifices of artists who were not afraid to oppose the tradition and wanted to make music to adapt to changing times.

    Christian rock

    Christian rock covers a lot of areas, with many different sub-genres in the rock category. The explosion of `` sex, drugs and rock 'n' 'in the 1960s indeed restricted many Christians from entering the rock scene, but in the early 1970s, Christian rock groups began to detach themselves from “the demonic” songs created in the ‘60s and started creating Christian rock songs. Today, many groups are considered to be Christian rock artists, some more dedicated to the Christian title than others. Although some may not realize it, the group U2 was a catalyst for Christian rock in the 1990s, due to their huge success that started in the 1980s.

    This is not a complete breakdown of the Christian rock genre, but trying out a few of these genres will give you an idea of the special offers of Christian rock to listen to. Finding your favorite genre is essential and will certainly improve your experience. Being able to listen to your favorite Christian groups at home or on the go is a relaxing way to worship all day.


    Christian rock stations on RadioFM include Broken FM Christian, The Blast.FM, Overcomer Radio, Rede gospel, Radio Fatla, Armonia Extreme and several others.