Genre Detail

    Cumbia music is a genre of Latin American Folk music. Modern Cumbia music offers a variety of musical instruments, such as the bongo drums, piano, and more. The exact sound of Cumbia's music varies from country to country due to regional differences.

    Cumbia is a musical style originally from Colombia, probably around 1820, during the struggle for independence from Colombia. It started as an artistic expression of national resistance and was sung and danced on the streets.

    In its original form, Cumbia was sung on large drums and sticks. In the 1920s, Colombian dance troupes from Barranquilla and other coastal towns began to sing, gathering horns, brass and other instruments on traditional drums and flutes. In fact, in the 1930s, when the directors of Colombian groups wanted to sing in New York, the groups became so large that they could not send all their musicians abroad and had to use local Puerto Rican groups. 

    Although Cumbia has never become so popular in the United States, like other Latin musical forms, it is prevalent today in South America and certain parts of the world.

    If you want to hear an excellent introduction to Cumbia, listen to Cumbia Cumbia, vol. 1 and 2 published by World Circuit Records (1983, 1989).

    Kumbia Kings, a group from Texas that is doing Cumbia/rap fusion, is gaining popularity and will give you an imagination of how much the Cumbia is being transformed by urban groups today.

    Cumbia influenced Vallenato, another coastal genre from the Caribbean, which has a rhythm similar to voice, drum, accordion, and guacharaca. Groups from the 1940s, such as Los Corraleros de Majagual, La Sonora Dinamita, and Los Graduados, were very successful and contributed to the dissemination of tropical music in Bolivia, Central America, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and in Chile. Currently, artists such as Fonseca, Carlos Vives, and Cabas are influenced by Cumbia and some Colombian cities, such as Medellín, reappear in large Cumbia-style gatherings, in the style of a ballroom.

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