Genre Detail

    The popular Dancehall music style has significantly developed over the years from the 80s to the 90s. And again, to the 21st century and continues to grow at an incredible pace. The first to launch this unique Dancehall style as digital music was King Jammy, a famous Jamaican producer. He quickly conquered the hearts of Jamaican youth and spread to the Caribbean, then to America and now to the world.


    Everyone seems to know this music now, and they have become diehard fans. The music itself is a fast and addictive sound that makes you dance and enjoy as Caribbean people who love it and are so famous for it.


    The First Dancehall Artists

    Some of the first dancehall artists were Wayne Smith, Shabba Ranks, and Super Cat, to name a few. Shabba Ranks was the first to be released on MTV and Super Cat as the first East Indian dancehall artist. These artists have had an enormous impact on the music landscape in the United States as well as laid the groundwork for famous artists such as Mavado, Shaggy, Elephant Man, Sean Paul, to name just a few.


    There are as well artists from Europe and even around the world like Ill Inspecta, Collie Buddz, and Cali P. These new artists quickly improve and change the sound of dancehall music and keep it fresh and updated for the younger generation.


    Fulfill Dreams Through Dancehall Music

    Dancehall music is a global genre and remains the most popular in the Caribbean, where most artists and producers come from. Dancehall music allows the younger generation to fulfill a dream and turn it into a career. It's more than just music; it's a passion and a lifestyle for people.


    If you have not heard Dancehall yet, make it a must, it is fascinating and unique, and you will surely fall in love and see why it is so prevalent today.


    Finally, Dancehall is considered the hip-hop music predecessor, and also is an admired choice as a background to the main successes of today's billboard. The city of Kingston is easy to experience anywhere on the island; Kingston has attracted visitors from all over the world who want to learn the most contemporary dance moves with a weekly street dance. 

    If maybe reggae music is excellent for your soul, then Dancehall music would be the way to go for your feet.