Genre Detail

    Disco is a genre that has defined decades of greatness. It is a genre of subculture and dance music that placed its roots in the 1970s. From the humble beginnings to one of the best dancing genres to date, Disco does not entertain the idea of an introduction to its fan base.

    Disco was so wildly popular in nature that its influence is still visible even after half a century. Renowned albums such as Daft Punk's ‘Random Access Memories’ was one of the most collected albums in the 21st century. 

    What started as a mixture of music from venues popular with Italian Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans, Disco can be seen as a counterculture and stigmatization to the dance music. Disco's decline in the United States started during 1989-90, and it almost withered by the success of other successful genres until Madonna took its revival upon herself and managed to resurrect the genre. Disco became a key influence in the development of house music and dance music. 

    Notable Names in the Disco Genre:

    The Disco genre has seen and produced an insignificant number of great artists. This list includes Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, Chic, KC and The Sunshine Band, the Tramps, and Gloria Gaynor, etc. 

    Michael Jackson's ‘Thriller’ took the Disco industry by a storm upon its release. The sheer dominance of its success was a testament that Disco is not lagging in the race of great music genres. Other famous tracks that are considered to be the pioneer of this genre are:

    • Michael Jackson – Off the Wall.
    • The Rolling Stone – Some Girls.
    • Madonna – Like a Virgin.
    • Stevie Wonder – Hotter than July.
    • Blondie – Parallel Lines.
    • Daft Punk – Discovery.

    These tracks, along with many others, proved to be worthy of standing in the list of greats. Donna Summer's ‘I Feel Love’ and ‘Last dance’ are also a few of the stalwart names in this genre. The great American singer-songwriter brought out the best of this genre through her scintillating voice. 

    To listen and explore more about the Disco genre, click the play button of your favourite Disco radio right away and rev your engines up to dance.