Владивосток (Vladivostok FM) FM - 106.4

Radio Information
Location:Vladivostok, Primorsky Russia
Short URL of Page:http://rdo.fm/r/49gfr
Type:Internet, FM
Description:One of the youngest radio stations in Vladivostok. Founded in 2009. Broadcasting is conducted at a frequency of 106.4 MHz. Over a short period of its existence, Radio Nashi Goroda gained popularity among a very wide audience of listeners, and its rating has steadily increased, as confirmed by studies conducted by the TNC Gallup Media. The Vladivostok FM format is based on the life of our city "here and now", openness to the listener, and lack of "academic" in presenting information. pop, rock and dance music, but also interested in musical innovations in different directions. At the same time, the emphasis is placed on a rather “advanced” listener who rejects the stereotypical simplicity of pop groups “one-day” and extreme musical styles. Diversity in quality is what our listeners value Vladivostok FM for.