Beirut Nights Radio

Radio Information
Genres:Trance, Electronic
Location:Beirut, Texas (TX) USA
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Type:Internet, FM
Description:Just recently, became a part of ByBlos Media, LLC , Texas. For many years it was a personal broadcast. DJ Sami is in love with the Beirut Nights kind of music and in broadcasting it to the world for free. He started doing this in Beirut Lebanon since the age of 11 years old on a small FM radio from his bedroom desk . Time has passed and things evolved. Luckily for him he did not rely on music to make a living! The personal touch is still there, and the effort done is tremendous but the reward is awesome. Seing and chatting and receiving letters from thousands of listeners around the world is just so rewarding. The radio still does not generate money, its only income are the donations and the Google advertisements which are clearly less than the cost. (see Donations Page for a current update). We still believe in the future of internet radio and we believe in your support. So far your support made a big difference. Internet Radio is the future of radio and no one will b