• La Grosse Radio Metal
  • La Grosse Radio Metal

Program Name Time
Thy Catafalque - Elo Leny10:35 PM
Godsticks - Victim10:08 PM
Tydeal - RECKONING9:19 PM
Hashshashin - Crossing The Panj9:07 PM
Saxon - Hell, Fire And Damnation9:01 PM
-- NOUVEAUTE - Metal 019:01 PM
Ektomorf - Reborn8:57 PM
Alice In Chains - The One You Know8:52 PM
Blast From The Past - Beyond The Sky8:48 PM
Rust Theory - The Chase8:38 PM
Beyond God - A Siren8:33 PM
Machine Head - Now We Die8:26 PM
Old Ruins - The Dark Wanderer8:20 PM
Pridian - Tetsuo8:17 PM
Whispered - Hold the Sword8:12 PM
-- AUTOPROMO - Gros Webzines8:12 PM
Tryglav - The Evocation8:08 PM
Uncircle - Checkpoint8:06 PM
LatroDectus - Naked Realm7:24 PM
Stone Sour - Absolute Zero6:50 PM
8Temper - Survive6:49 PM
Angelwish - Eyes Of The Beast6:28 PM
Krokus - Drive It In6:25 PM
-- AUTOPROMO - Gros Webzines6:24 PM
Cirith Ungol - Legions Arise6:23 PM
Enemy Of Reality - Serenade Of Death6:14 PM
-- IDLGR2 - 0016:13 PM
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell6:09 PM
Chamelion - Hero6:08 PM
Abyss Of Time4:38 PM

La Grosse Radio Metal

player.genresBlack Metal,Classic Metal,Death Metal,Extreme Metal,Metal
player.locationPlaisir , Île-de-France , France


  • Saludos desde Tijuana BC, me encanta escuchar su estación diario, sigan así 💚


La Grosse Radio Metal