DWRX - Monster Radio 93.1 FM

Radio Information
Location:Ortigas, Pasig Philippines
Short URL of Page:http://rdo.fm/r/2iij7
Type:Internet, FM
Description:Why “Monster Radio”? Everyone has a nickname. Ours is “Monster Radio”. We chose “monster” because we’re a pop music station, and we wanted to give listeners an idea of the hugeness, the impact, the appeal of our programming. RX 93.1 gives you the monster hits, the monster events, the monster talent. Why “RX 93.1”? This has something to do with our history. We inherited the call letters “RX” from the station’s former owners, and they chose them to indicate that RX music is “prescription music” – just what the doctor ordered. Rated eXcellent, so to speak. Still holds, doesn’t it?