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Program Name Time
David Bradstreet with Dan Gibson - Eternal Wave [1998]4:59 AM
Ruaidhrí - Cerridwen [2010]4:52 AM
Andreas - Amaranth [2006]4:42 AM
Daniel May - Metal [2002]4:34 AM
Michael Maxwell with Dan & Gordon Gibson - Rituals of Winter [1995]4:26 AM
Llewellyn - Sacred Symbols [1998]4:21 AM
Daniel May with Dan Gibson - Answered by Silence [2001]4:20 AM
Daniel May with Dan & D. William Gibson - Sacred Source [2003]4:13 AM
Ron Allen with Dan Gibson - The Spiritual Path [1999]4:05 AM
Rouly Antonopoulos with Dan Gibson - Soaring from the Sea [2006]3:59 AM
Andreas - The Outlands [2012]3:52 AM
Hennie Bekker with Dan Gibson - Fluidity [1996]3:47 AM
Karunesh - Keeper of Mystery [2002]3:42 AM
Bernward Koch - Sunday Sky [2005]3:39 AM
Greg Kavanagh with Dan Gibson - Monteverde [1999]3:34 AM
Frank Steiner, Jr. - Ajala [2004]1:18 AM
Blue Monk - Letting Go [2011]1:13 AM

Yimago Earth

player.genresNew Age,Ambient,Celtic Music,Relaxation,Meditation,World Fusion,Nature,Environment,
player.locationToronto , Ontario , Canada
DescriptionWe play earth music (new age), environmental (nature sounds), Celtic and relaxation music, many from the excellent Dan Gibson's Solitudes series. We also play a few contemporary instrumental pieces, some more energetic and others subdued, almost classical, piano solos by renowned and indy artists like. Finally, even though the majority of our programming is instrumental in nature, we present, once in a while, entrancing songs by new age and celtic artists and pure nature recordings without any music. We play independent artists as well as mainstream new age artists from major labels. We are happy to have a partnership with Paradise Music to feature many of their acclaimed artists and albums.


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Yimago Earth