• 123FM - 105.6 FM
  • 123FM - 105.6 FM

Program Name Time
Seamus Haji - Feel It (Vip Mix)5:12 PM
Sharapov - Next Day (Anton Pavlovsky Remix)5:06 PM
Mark Funk Danny Cruz Mirko & Meex - Keep On Groovin (Radio Edit)5:02 PM
161fm spasibo5:02 PM
Peredelsky - Hold On To Love (Radio Mix)4:59 PM
Mark Lower Feat. Yenni - Live Like This (Original Mix)4:55 PM
Vertigini - Blue Hawaii (Radio Edit)4:53 PM
Drake Vs. Somo - Hold On (Mister Bailar Remix)4:47 PM
Michael Elliot - Don4:44 PM
Whomadewho - Dynasty (Roosevelt Remix Radio Edit)4:28 PM
Casino Gold Feat. Jason Gaffner - Memories (Original Mix)4:23 PM
Lukas Newbert - The City (Radio Edit)4:20 PM
Karine Champagne, Guido Kaepernick - Ma Profession (Micha Mischer Remix)4:16 PM
Msg - Smells Like Stink Weed (Dave Mayer This N That Remix)4:11 PM
Changin Fazes - Never Leave You Alone (UK Garage Radio Mix)4:08 PM
Autograf - Dream (Tonystar Extended Mix)4:04 PM
Flying Decibels - When She Loves Me (Original Mix)4:00 PM
Lee Wilson, El Funkador - Just Got Paid (Sebb Junior Radio Edit Remix)3:57 PM
Side FX Kim Cameron - Love Story Radio (Bimbo Jones Duo Remix)3:53 PM
Somma Yuma. & Austin Tate - Harder We Fall (Extended Mix)3:51 PM
Karmon - Turning Point (Original Mix)3:49 PM
Mark Van Rijswijk Ft Abie Hersh - Beautiful Life (Radio Mix)2:05 PM
Le Visiteur & Jova Radevksa - Perfect Version (Alex Hook Radio Remix)1:28 PM
DJ Antonio - ���� (Extended Mix)1:23 PM
Soundland X Malina X Filogy - Another Love (Radio Edit)1:20 PM
A-Mase & Sharliz - Nobody1:17 PM
Elis M. Feeling, Diva Vocal - Inside Your Soul (Radio Edit)1:13 PM
Joe Bermudez & Lee Wilson - Falling In Love (Radio Edit)1:11 PM
Adress Web1:10 PM
Discogalactix Federfunk - Players (Radio Edit)1:07 PM

123FM - 105.6 FM

player.locationKrasnodar , Krasnodar , Russia
player.frequency105.6 FM
DescriptionThe community of amateurs and professionals in the field of high-quality electronic music presents the project of electronic broadcasting, the purpose of which is to convey to the masses the correct electronic culture, worthy of music and information about it. The concept of the radio station is the author's radio show, live broadcasts from the venues for dance events and, of course, progressive, electronic music.


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123FM - 105.6 FM